Volvo FH16 Sound mod by mesutxf


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This sound mod is for volvo Fh16 classic and should probably work with the FH2012 volvo too

Author: mesutxf


19 Responses to Volvo FH16 Sound mod by mesutxf

  1. Madeon says:

    Mesut tekerlek ve skin modunu verirmisin

  2. igal says:

    the mod is not worling!!!

    • you saying that it doesn’t work really isn’t helping me solving anything. if you use a modded volvo that might b e the reason, or that you have other sound mods or mods in general that effect volvo’s sound might be the reason for all I know. make the sound mod load first in the mod manager and see if that helps.

  3. Mad_Driver says:

    the mod is not working in the game

  4. IGOR. RU says:


  5. Uxot says:

    I dont know why people says its not working..working fine here 1.20 also wow best sound ever for the volvo trucks! gonna use it until SCS put their recording…in a few months…or a few years…

  6. LionBuster says:

    Great sound flash c:

  7. Timoha says:

    Great sound! Thank you.

  8. ShrekTheMonster says:

    Best transmission sound ever! Could u mix it with Kreichbaum’s open pipe sound? I would do my self but don’t know how… Good job anyway! Thx!

  9. princebg says:

    Great sound,perfectly…Thx!

  10. dillet74 says:

    Hey! This is THE sound mod! Absolutely amazing!!!!! The only one! Thank you very very much!!!!!! Great work!!!

    • no thank mesutxf, I only just did a few tweaks, I did not create this all by myself.

      And yeah I agree it is an absolutely awesome sound mod 🙂

  11. Raj says:

    Hi, I tried this mod in 1.20 with only IWR, MHA Pro Map and trailer mods. In default Volvo FH it does not works, can you please fix it. I really love the sound from video. Thanks man!

  12. tiestozv says:

    Great sound for Volvo fh16. Please updated for game version 1.22. Thanks.

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