Volvo FH2013 – Transport Thermo

skin for Volvo FH 2013 Ohaha

Works 1.32

pilotchaos31, Ohaha


Interesting videos

4 thoughts on “Volvo FH2013 – Transport Thermo

  1. You are sure, it´s for Volvo FH 2013 Ohaha?
    This Volvo works no more since long Time and
    surly NOT on 1.32 !!!

    1. pilotchaos31

      Yes Sorry! It’s not for 1.32!

      1. And Ohaha´s Volvo do not work anymore since long Time.
        Pendragon has taken the Relais. 😉
        Look in SCS-Forum.

        1. pilotchaos31

          Thank you JoachimK, I’ll remember.

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