Volvo FH5 Blue Danish Plush Interior

Interior for Volvo FH5 by KP for LOW and GLOBETROTTER

works on 1.42-1.43

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(Red Interior will be reupload soon!)

Hedmark Transport


7 thoughts on “Volvo FH5 Blue Danish Plush Interior

  1. AvM Transport

    Blue danish? Not really.

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      Indeed! And 900MB? I guess its the whole Truck Mod or what is he uploading? If it is the whole truck than its a report and very much disrespect.

      1. He has indeed included the whole truck or a vast majority of it. It has the truck pmgs in it even…

        The file structure is a mess too.

      2. AvM Transport

        Real blue danish plush is darker as this one 😉

  2. Hedmark Transport

    Hello Guys, i´m still trying out, if you dont like it, dont download it.

    if you have so much to complain about, specially Mr. GermanETS2Driver, then dont even click on my mods!:-)

    for all happy customers – i fixed the 900 mb problem and will be uploaded soon !

  3. Leon-Egil Klima

    Oh and for Mr. AvM Transport who knows everything – my reshade was on ath the time of the screenshots so dont talk crab about the plush

  4. How i can instal this mod?

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