Volvo FH5 Red Danish Plush Interior 2.0 NEW

Interior for Volvo FH5 by KP 2.0!!

works on 1.42-1.43

Choose Interior “Globetrotter FH16” to make it work

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Hedmark Transport


2 thoughts on “Volvo FH5 Red Danish Plush Interior 2.0 NEW

  1. GermanETS2Driver

    Dude you make a Interior for a Truck… Stop uploading the Truck we know you only made interior not the Truck its not from you.

  2. Hedmark Transport

    Mr. GermanETS2Driver just stay away. your life have to be boring if you constantly send hate comments under my mods.

    – its not the truck, its a interior but with extra files and im still trying out. so why tf are you here?

    if you dont like it, do not download it!

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