Volvo FH5 Swap Body Addon [1.47]

Volvo FH5 Swap Body Chassis v1.47

Load Order:
Swap Body(this mod)
Volvo FH 2021 By sanax
Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack
Krone Swap Body Pack (Mod Dependency) [Krone DLC required]

xanax, etopia, sebastian7870, kp


2 thoughts on “Volvo FH5 Swap Body Addon [1.47]

  1. Really nice, but I get a glowing fire extinguisher box, what can it be to that?

    1. SCS new textures,this addon is fake i have not adapted it to 1.47 yet and i am not the one who posted it…i will be releasing the new version soon.

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