Volvo FM-13


New truck – Volvo FM13 for ETS2
Author: AU44


12 thoughts on “Volvo FM-13

  1. Conor Buttery

    It annoying why its locked, but its an amazing mod. Just a same we can’t re-skin it.

  2. Conor Buttery

    Just a shame we can’t re-skin it.**

  3. Nice Driver

    Where can buy this truck? i can`t find in volvo shop

    1. Bart van Ham

      Try to buy online or use “customize configuration”. Maybe you can choose chassis and cab seperately with that option.

  4. r32zabiser

    are this mod standalone or replacing truck?

  5. crashes game load off #### only crashes when go to buy online on daf truck

  6. Petulindos

    proč to dáváte přes pacení už mněto sere proč prostě to nedate pres ulozto a nebo ze uz to bude rovnou stahovat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kreteni!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. ### petulindos, 1. nauc se cesky. 2. NIKDO NEBUDE DAVAT JEJICH VYTVORY NA ULOZTO protoze to retardovanej cech jako ty chce. 3. Doslo ti ze autori tech veci neumej cesky??? 4. Tahle stranka je ets2.LT a ne ets2.CZ!!! 5. Jedinej kdo tady nekoho sere ses ty. 6.Tahni kdyz se neumis chovat!!!.

  7. Petulindos

    jejda to mnelo bejt jinam

  8. I cant make this work?

  9. Can I edit skin? Where get skin temple

  10. Joseph Alker

    #### wrong post

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