Volvo FM beta


tested on 1.20

have day light

have tandem chs



11 Responses to Volvo FM beta

  1. AMiR..MahDavi_[HEMPAM] says:

    Very gooooood
    nice mod
    tnx bgm

  2. Yeongwoong Choi says:

    It looks like a good mod. So, I want to watch videos of your mod. Do you make a video for me?

  3. aslan808 says:


  4. FragmaniaGame says:

    Very good mod but ıt doesn’t work.coming black screen.
    My game version:1.20.1s

  5. korea trucks says:

    what is file pw??

  6. Scooby123 says:

    Video please 😀

  7. Abdulla says:

    Funtioniiert nicht Ets 2 stürzt ab

  8. Γιώργος says:

    crashed the game (black screen)

  9. mahdiGT says:

    eyvola dameton jiiiz 🙂

  10. hodanik says:

    menuch menuch very menuch

  11. unknow says:

    very very bad mod 😐
    There are very big bugs

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