Volvo FM by Rebel8520 v 4.7.3

Volvo-FM-1 Volvo-FM-2 Volvo-FM-3

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Tested on: 1.26.x.x
– Standelone
– 3 Type cabin
– Chassis: 4×2, 4×2 lowdeck, 4×2 “offroad”. 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×4, 6x with woodlogger
– Compatibility with DLC addons (not with all)
– Sideskirt for 4×2, 4×2 lowdeck and 4×2 “offroad”

-Reworked speedometer
-Reworked engine cover in cabin
-Added CB radio
-New steering wheels
-1.26 compatibility

Known issues:
-Truck don’t have template

Please respect download link, don’t reupload it anywhere.

My FB page:
If you find some error, please contact me on my FB page.

Thanks everyone who was on the truck involved in something.

Rebel8520, Dominox, Homer’s, 50Keda, Paťo and others…


9 thoughts on “Volvo FM by Rebel8520 v 4.7.3

  1. HD Video Test 1.26..

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  3. Knutingeeide

    Is IT tandem to?

  4. totto1010

    It’s a great Truck, thanks. But can you make mor weight on the first axle. 7100 is perfect for every Cargo

  5. The Hawk Official YT

    HI, great mod. But the cab is a bit too high in first person view.

  6. When I choose 6×2 Taglift chassis, rear fender option is unselectable.

  7. Heya! can this get an update to 1.33 please! I love this truck and really wish for an updated version! i tried to contact the author on another site, with no response. where this no longer works in 1.33, i can only find one other volvo FM mod available, but it has nowhere near as much as this mod does with customisability and features. please update this! I beg you!

    1. rebel8520

      Sorry for no response but there is a lot of work and I don’t have that much time.

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