Volvo FM by Rebel8520 V4.5


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-3 Type cabin
-4×2 lowdeck, 4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×4, 6x with LogLift
-Compatibility with DLC addons (not all)
-Sideskirt for 4×2 and 4×2 lowdeck

Changelog V4.1 to V4.5:
-Edit icons
-Add new icons
-Spoiler only for low cab
-Edit frontgrill
-Fix bug
-Edit wipers on UK Cab
-Add new roofgrill (only for low cab)

Please respect download link, don’t reupload it anywhere.

My FB page:
Please all bugs what you find write on my page thanks. (sorry for my english)

Rebel8520, Dominox, Homer’S, Paťo


21 thoughts on “Volvo FM by Rebel8520 V4.5

  1. 1st comment !!

    Thanks a lot for your great work my friend , now it is standalone and i will download it to test it …but I am sure it’s a good mod 😉

    Continue your great work !

  2. make the real dashboard….

    1. @ramses it has a real interior 🙂

    2. Rebel8520

      In FM is the same interior as in FH

      1. Hello again Rebel, any chance to get a template of it ?

        thx in advane 😉

        1. Rebel8520

          Hello, this model does not have a template :/

          1. ok it’s not a so big problem , the truck is the most important 😉 and thanks a lot again for it ! 😉

  3. your doing amazing work with this mod 🙂 thank you 🙂

  4. It’s a nice mod with volvo fm you can make in future a realisitc sond for this truck and a realistic interior. NICE GOOD JOB RESPECT!!!

  5. Rebel , I wanted to add some engines to the volvo FM but your files are locked…
    I had done in the past a file with real FM engines … if you want it i can give it to you , and then you could put it in the Fm scs file …
    Because I have seen the 600 , 700 and 750 hp engines lol … in reality the engines stops at 500 hp for this truck…
    Anyway this is my email if you want the file :
    [email protected]

    see u soon !

    1. Rebel8520

      Ok now edit now engine 330-500Hp 😉

      1. great my friend !! 😉

  6. Hello,
    Thanks for the mod. Please tell wether it is 1.21 or 1.22 compatible.

    1. Rebel8520

      For 1.22

      1. Will you post it again because there is edited model with the engines I gave you … still 420 to 750 hp …

        1. Rebel8520

          In next update is engine only 330-500Hp..

  7. Pedrin269

    Hey, thanks, great mod, you could fix small errors left mirror, the reflection is blocked when turning camera, a greeting 🙂

  8. can you make a template of it please so we can paint it

  9. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps GTX980 Video:

  10. FragmaniaGame

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