Volvo Parts for Renault Trucks


I will add Renault Magnum, Renault premium, the engine and
transmission of the Volvo FH16.

Price and unlock level

D16G540 Euro 5 : 1,1040euro Level.0
D16G600 Euro 5 : 1,2120euro Level.6
D16G700 Euro 5 : 1,7100euro Level.10
D16G750 Euro 5 : 2,1840euro Level.16

I-Shift ATO3512D : 10000euro Level.0
I-Shift ATO3512D R : 16000euro Level.0

If you want to remove this MOD, you have to sell all of the track to



6 thoughts on “Volvo Parts for Renault Trucks

  1. ….. why???? why would you do this for??? it makes no logical sense to incorporate another truck manufacturer’s parts into another truck.. this is NOT NEED FOR SPEED – is the place for this rubbish unless you can justify a sufficient reason why this mod should exist

    1. Do you have left comments like this even for MOD engine of 2000 horsepower other people have created?

    2. Renault has the same engine as volvo because renault is from volvo.

    3. Renault Trucks belongs to Volvo Trucks, nothing to do with Renault Cars and Volvo Cars. Scania and Man belong to VW Group, Iveco belongs to Fiat, Mercedes Belong to Daimler same as Mercedes Cars, Daf belongs to Paccar.

  2. Can you do it for Iveco? Thanks

  3. It does make sense, all modern renaults have volvo engines, including the renault premium and the renault magnum since volvo owns renault

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