Volvo, Renault, Man open-pipe sound


Hi all,

Here’s a new open pipe sound for 3 brands of trucks.
Later i’ll do it for the rest of the trucks.
As always, blinkers are from Turbotruck.




25 thoughts on “Volvo, Renault, Man open-pipe sound

  1. fantastic sound, hear on 7.1 headphone
    y can feel the engine

    extrem good pressure and must open my mouth
    for pressure-equalizing

    very good job

  2. excellent sound,the best i have heard so far.great job…

  3. Hi, where can I get skin of your Volvo? It’s nice!

  4. Robisierra

    Nice job mate, will you do this for Scania?

    1. okay I will read for y

      Later i’ll do it for the rest of the trucks.

      1. Robisierra

        Thx, I`ve missed that line of text 😉

  5. Robertcarrizal

    i’ve got problems for not working renault magnum open pipe sound

  6. где такой скин для volvo взять

    1. kriechbaum

      Hi, that skin is mine, i’ll upload it soon.

      See U.

  7. your making a name for yourself for best truck sounds of ets2. I was not using stock trucks due to the lack of good sounds in stock versions nor other mods tried but failed. Are you planning more paccar sounds also for other stock trucks, because now you opened up the non american trucks library. Keep them coming, I have a lot of storage left yet for your sound files. Many thanks again

  8. kriechbaum

    Thank you everyone.

    Yes to enjoy that sound you need a decent sound system on your computer.

    And James, i will make adaptations/modifications of those sounds for other trucks.

    See you

  9. Thank you for the effort and I am still having to force myself to find time to eat. Food at the truck stops tastes like 2D and looks flat as paper but it contains 0 calories-even the steaks-yum yum. I know GET A LIFE but I’M a TRUCK DRIVING GEAR SHIFTING GAMING ZOMBIE, Delivering halloween treats in the game to EVERYONE.Bye

  10. kriechbaum

    James, do u have any facebook account? What is it?

    1. sorry i don’t trust social media because your privacy is always up for grabs and so far i have not found any purpose for being on it. After a while it runs you, you don’t run it!

      1. kriechbaum

        Yes, i understand it very well.

  11. Nice Sound, I like it 🙂

  12. Very very nice really well done great sound very smooth

  13. Hello me again. Now there is a new truck in the neighborhood- the new version 2 volvo FH16 for update 1.7 out as of today. The problem is this mod it no workee on it and it is too quiet for me to drive, I NEED LOUD! Please invent noise for meeeeeeeeeeeee. No rush i’ll use the older version for now so i can have loud. Thought you’d like to know. Its job security huh. BYE

  14. kriechbaum

    Thank you everyone.

    Yes James, an update including that new Volvo will come today.

    See u.

    1. Thank you. Just parked the K-100 with the fantastic sounds and with headphones you could hear the pipe flappers moving. Drove a trip of 38 hours with super large load. I love double clutching it, it sounds so lifelike.Great job

  15. kriechbaum

    Ahahahhahaha excellent !

    And the new sound mod is being uploading right now, that mod includes the new Volvo of course, and also the Scania.

    It almost sounds like the previous one.

    That new Volvo works like a charm with that sound, it’s really a good a truck.

    you should have the access to download it in one or two hours on this site 😉

    See u.

  16. Hi dude, I’m a newer from China. i got a problem, why doesnt this mod work on 1.16.2? What should i do? i really want a new engine sound for my TGX.
    if possible, i wish you could make a 1.16 version of TGX sound mod for me, it would be even better if you can send it to my e-mail([email protected]) coz i cannot download your masterpiece here in China (screw this nasty coutry), so eh… would you please do me a favor?

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