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After to have been delayed few times, I decided to rework my Volvo stock sound.
this sound mod works for all Volvo by SCS and Ohaha.

The sound is the same for both FH13 & 16, i know very well those trucks in real life, and they really sound the same. Technologically those two engines are very close.

Lot of work has been done, especially in the interior, and the engine brake.

Exterior of the sound is a slightly reworked from the previous version, with a quieter fan sound.

Enjoy !

Video :

Kriechbaum, scs.


20 Responses to Volvo stock sound V.2.0

  1. Kraljica Drumova says:

    SCS should hire you, and replace their CRAP sounds with yours!

  2. SnaSnaSnael-76 says:

    Nice work

    Link for the Volvo ?
    Or it’s the RTA Volvo ?

  3. Ауран says:

    Давай линк на Вольво! Живо!!!!!

  4. Ауран says:

    Cсылку на машину! Живо мне!!!

  5. truckerbob says:

    whats your specs? coz its seems very very nice!

  6. Good Buddy says:

    Volvo by turbosquid. PRIVATE???

  7. mafiozos68 says:

    Another masterpiece by Kriechbaum
    Thank you

  8. aleksey says:

    Красивый звук.Молодец,что поделился.

  9. volidas says:

    Excellent try my friend…!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MAN E6 driver says:

    exceedingly nice job ? sounds amazing ? thank you for sharing

  11. exitvdn says:

    Thank you 🙂
    It’s nice to hear again the sound of the engine.

  12. misto says:

    i like this sound

  13. King of the Road says:

    Good job this is realy good sound. thnx mate!

  14. david says:

    best Volvo sound ever

  15. Frank White says:

    Sounds great as usual….crashes once using interior view for me tho 🙁

  16. M.I.R says:

    Watch this video guys, more complete and clear about these mods

  17. Hans says:

    hello king of the sounds!!!
    i’m a big fan of your sound mods,
    i miss the open pipe sound for volvo fh 2012/2013(ohaha) like the daf open pipe you make, i woud be happy to get that for the 1.24.x
    happy trucking buddy

  18. gunther says:

    can you fixed this mod for 1.25 and ohaha truck modell ?

  19. epn says:

    no retarder sound in 1.30

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