VOLVO V8 2000 HP Engine


Tested: 1.3.1

Author: Parsia


4 thoughts on “VOLVO V8 2000 HP Engine

  1. volvo dont made V8 in europe…. volvo use 6 cyl motors..

  2. Volvo don’t have any 2000 hp engines on trucks … only on boats !!
    Mod totally unrealistic… I won’t dwnload it but I let my opinion here !
    When a mod with 5.000 hp on a poor iveco stralis ? LOL !!

    1. well i wonder how the mod with 99999 hp for an scania would be on an iveco strails
      i bet thats lol

  3. Sarkissian

    This SUCKS, don’t need an unrealistic 2000HP engine!!

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