Volvo Van Nood Bus

Volvo-Van-Nood-Bus-2 Volvo-Van-Nood-Bus-1

Tested 1.12.1 version

Author: nportegies


15 Responses to Volvo Van Nood Bus

  1. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    This might be going way out on a limb but I’ll ask this. Is it possible to make adjustments to these bus mods so it can haul a trailer in the game? I’m not talking about a full size trailer but, maybe something the size of the Tandem Trailer that’s in ETS2. This way you can do more with these mods.

    I’ve seen private buses or these large motor-homes many times hauling some sort of trailer behind the vehicle. Here’s a few pictures to get the idea if you’ve never seen it before….

    Is it to crazy of a request?

  2. liammorris01 says:

    what dealership is this in?

  3. rye says:

    can you do english version lhd please

  4. shahin says:

    What about jobs? Is there a passenger mod?

  5. BahamutX says:

    you can download the passengers mod sep.thats what I did with the other bus I am using.

  6. MOHAMAD says:

    Nice Mod. does it have interior?

  7. Leo says:

    Nice mod but do something whit the toll gates because i can’t scross whitout the no barrier mod 🙁

  8. cristakey says:

    The game crashes and I can’t see any trucks at the dealer: they’re all invisible

  9. JPM. SHIPPING says:

    Just finished bringing passengers and went threw 2 tolls no problem, they fixed it so the driver is close enough to pay the toll, using the bus mod with passenger mod 1.7 1.8, by Linux. GREAT MOD if you like buses you’ll like this mod.

  10. ForAllTheBilly says:

    You can make the bus for 1.16.2 ?

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