Volvo VNL 670 adapted to 1.20

Volvo-VNL-670-3 Volvo-VNL-670-1 Volvo-VNL-670-2

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– Fixed incompatibilities with old D16g engine,
– Changed the sounds of engines for D18g,
– Fixed icons for transmissions “Eaton”,
– Fixed sounds of pneumatic system
– Retained for compatibility with previous versions.

Mod contains the manifest for Manager mods.
Test versions 1.20

Authors: Pavel Vasilyev, chashkin23 ,Martinezio. Special thanks to: dmitry68 & kriechbaum


18 Responses to Volvo VNL 670 adapted to 1.20

  1. Flow-Hand says:

    works on 1.19??

  2. Sergey says:

    What a display of the onboard computer, I have it pink

  3. Flow-Hand says:

    Works on 1.19

  4. Alex says:

    Where I can found the container trailer from the second picture? Thanks!

  5. Uxot says:

    … the steering wheel @ 900 degree rotation finally or not??

    • Alex says:

      Containerr trailer from the second picture is private? Thanks!

  6. dahaz says:

    pink display, Not pretty

  7. scania_dragon says:

    Can you give us an other color for the Display in dashboard please ?
    And more tuning ?

  8. tony 06 says:

    nice truck but i want more tuning pls nice job

  9. Adrian Gabriel says:

    Good mod, but the engine sound inside the cab its to loud, seems there is no damper between outside and inside. Also the speedometer its wrong, doesn’t show the true speed, its behind by about 20km/h or so from what i noticed. Other then that pretty good job, looking forward for updates. Thank you !

  10. scania_dragon says:

    please fix the tachometers. The speeds are incorrect!

  11. yay says:

    Works on 1.20

  12. Clifhanger says:

    super truck, aber der motorsound ist viel zu laut, kann man da nix machen?

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