Volvo VNL 780


Truck Volvo VNL
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41 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780

  1. Old mod… I don’t think it has been updated to the last version of the game. Nothing to add, just a few simple paintjobs. Nice model tho.

  2. UnableRogue

    I downloaded this and it looks great. The only problem is it’s left hand drive only. Are you going to make it a right hand drive too?

    1. Lawrence0v0

      Support your point..

      There are many of them are designed for left-hand drive

      But I am confident there are a lot of right-hand drive players also need to have a lot of MOD

      1. ya i support your point aswell it seems people all over the world just think that trucks are left hand drive haha

      2. That’s the problem when a country wants to be special and different, during this global period. Number of people driving on the “wrong side” of the road is insignificant compared to others. So this happens. I do support you, but if I was making a mod myself, I wouldn’t bother if it takes time.

        1. Right hand drive in the UK cam from the days of horses when the riders would stay to the left. This tradition from the 1700s is older than a lot of countries.
          50 countries drive on the left and so do the US Virgin Islands!

    2. I would support your point as well if there were a right hand drive VNL 780 in real life (so far, I have not seen one. Go to the company website) my thoughts are… if it’s irl then it should be in the SIM if not irl then it’s fantasy and belongs in the category with the 10K go engines

  3. Any changes?

  4. I hope the only change in this truck is that it works may be it is an old mod but it still a modern truck and is still on the roads today so after saying all that iam going to download it later thanks guys

  5. Отличная работа! Спасибо Виктор!

  6. Female Trucker

    Downloaded this mod, couldn’t find it anywhere, looked in Volvo Dealers and online within the game, nowhere to be found.

    1. UnableRogue

      That’s odd. I found it online. Maybe another mod is conflicting with it? When I try new trucks and trailers I use an account that has no other mods active. Then I try it on my usual account to see if it works.

  7. Uploaded: 2013-12-11 14:59:39

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. would it be possible for someone to make some company skins for this truck? This truck (and also the Freightliner Cascadia) has been around for a while now & I haven’t really seen no company skins for these trucks.

  9. Zilinskas

    This truck is old but still great. It’s a shame the creator put a lock on it, even with scsunpacker I cant edit it.

  10. Are there any tuning options on the truck? like bullbars, lights, roofbars, lobars etc.?

  11. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Made this video when ETS2 v1.12 1st came out to see if the truck was still compatible…..

  12. well i downloaded this truck and i think its much better than the older mods of the truck but i would like to put light bars on it otherwise nice truck

  13. MigaraMadawa

    Please Create a 2500HP Enging For This Truck Mod.

    1. MigaraMadawa

      And 21 speed Transmission

  14. MigaraMadawa

    Please Create a 2500HP Enging And 21 speed Transmission For This Truck Mod

  15. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. 2nd video uploaded……
    a little change………

  16. Why do people lock mods? If it’s locked, and for any reason it doesn’t work (e.g. conflict with another mod) then there’s nothing to do except delete, which is a pity. It’s often possible to make a few tweaks and get mods working.

  17. Dear AU44,

    Please stop locking your mods. You have a modding community who wants to use a work such as this to add even more personal touches, and locking it isn’t going to solve anything but make you look like a modder who doesn’t care about others. I used to lock my work but learned it causes more problems than it does solve. So next time you release work, please leave it open.


  18. if i knew how to make mods and changed them around alittle i would be the best usa truck mod. why they lock their mods who knows but this is my fav truck and would love to add some smoke stacks, lights and etc!

  19. Rocket455Man

    Is this truck available for metallic colors?

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

  20. Faelandaea

    Guys give it up. I’ve personally been in touch with AU44 and his standing is that any users of his mods HAVE to drive the truck how he distributes it, which is why I refuse to use his mods. He doesn’t care about anyone customizing the truck or adding accessories so that they are happy with it. He’s even been working on ways to try to disallow other mods, such as sound mods, from enhancing this one. This is why he locks it, so that he can troll with boring, non-accessory mods that we can;t even re-skin in fleet colors. He doesn’t even mention anything about theft or anything in his replies to me – he merely gets enjoyment out of posting stuff and watching people get upset, so best to go to the other VNL mod that someone else posted (I can’t remember the author, but it’s also here on which is actually a MUCh better mod with customization.

    1. Agree with you dont support this guy mod AU44..HE DONT CARE about what you whant and what you can do to help sry to say it like this but just a big moron

  21. Yeah, this AU44 moron thinks his mods are not unlockable but he probably hasn’t even heard of SCSUnlocker.exe.What a ######!

    For anyone who wants to unlock these type of mods google SCSUnlocker.

    1. Faelandaea

      Actually that had occurred to me right after I posted. I did manage to snag this truck and customized the heck out of it with the unlocker. I also managed to get his truck down to under 20 MB so my game log would quit throwing 50,000 errors about file size (there are literally hundreds of thousands – not kidding – of double verts and wasted polys in this model taking up insane amounts of space without any visual effect).

      1. I’m guessing the scs unlocker. I’m trying to create a skin for it but being locker is a hassle

    2. SCS-Unlocker-1.1.1 didn’t work for me on this mod.

      1. Nevermind, got it working! Thankyou! (it also worked on another truck I’ve been trying to unlock for ages!)

        1. How did you get it to work Heidi? I’m having no luck.

  22. Steve_the_trucker

    I see you have to get to level 14 before you can actually buy this truck even if you have 1 million Euros in your bank already, what a waste of time.

    1. @Steve_the_trucker you can use CheatEngine to get to the higher lvls.If u don’t know how to use CheatEng there are tons of vids on YT explaining how to make $$$ and lvl up 😉

  23. Hi, i was wondering if i could have permission to unlock this mod to add a vtc skin to it for personal use? how do i go about doing this?


    Dear friends search google for scs unlocker 1.1. You can unlock any scs mod with that.

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