World Currency V1.0


This mod adds almost all current circulating currencies in the world.

Most of the currences have ISO code on then instead of currency signs.

This mod will conflict with mods that edits the economy_data.sii file.



11 thoughts on “World Currency V1.0

  1. cristakey

    “This mod will conflict with mods that edits the economy_data.sii file.” So, can this mod conflict with the Hard Economy Mod? You know that?

  2. I’m pretty sure the Hard Economy Mod will conflict with this mod, unless you manually merge both mods.

    I’m pretty new to deleting files, but i think there’s no other way to make the mod without editing the economy_data.sii file.

  3. AshtheBarron

    Is the US dollar included?

  4. Is the THB Bath included ?

  5. Is the U.S. Dollar in this mod

  6. Is the U.S. Dollar in this mod ?

    98% of all the currencies on this the list is in the mod.

  8. Haim Lvov

    Thank you very much!!!!

  9. I think KRW(South Korea Won) is missing. This mod has only KPW(North Korea Won)…

    1. I added KRW in a small update.
      Just download the mod again from the download button to get V1.01

  10. Adrian G.

    Will it work for example ETS 2 1.23 and higher ? Please reply ASAP as some of us want to know.

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