VOLVO VNL 780 + real sound v.1.2


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Hi, this is my new mod, VOLVO VNL 780

Here is 2 link one of truck two of real sound.


DOWNLOAD 33 MB truck
DOWNLOAD 5 MB sounds

20 thoughts on “VOLVO VNL 780 + real sound v.1.2

    1. you need to change the order and the sound will work properly

      1. Redneck50

        ETS2 not ATS, you can see the European trucks in the background.

        1. Yes it is ETS I did just a video with American Trucks but the giveaway will be on 3rd Feb and it will be ATS

  1. old truck and interior model from 2013 !!!!!

    1. sheppardpat47

      “Old” XD

  2. RhastalordTV
  3. Download deleted by Norton : medium risk WS.reputation.1
    It is old, yes and though watching all the vids I didn’t hear anything but #### music, turbo hiss and brakes sound
    The sound mod files don’t tell which engine it is

  4. SwiftTrans

    am i the only one that is not hearing the truck at all just air brake and other sounds but no engine at all

  5. nportegies skins

    have absolutely no sound with this Volvo VNL 780, not even the sound mod it.

    1. nportegies skins

      sorry I had turned the wrong volco sound!

      Is there a skin for this Volvo VNL 780 ??

  6. Awesome Mod & sounds like a beast. Thank you

  7. Faelandaea

    Works good. Sounds good. People just aren’t clearing conflicts and placing stuff in proper order when they activate their mods.

  8. In fact this truck is not bad but there are still some issues

    1/ on truck and mod sound : obsolete engine brake def
    I edited the sound mod file (easy) but the truck mod is locked so the warning message still spawns
    2/ 2 ogg files missing (idle2.ogg and wind_inside_int.ogg) -\cannot bind\
    3/engine brake volume command would be appreciated
    4/unlocking truck mod so as to edit kerb weight would be appreciated too


  9. marcphenix

    My test In French
    Mon test en Français ^^
    GG awesome Mod !!!!

  10. Pas un test ça./Not a genuine test,a demo at best.
    Juste pour booster ton compteur de vues / only a Youtube view booster.

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