Volvo VNL 780 sound mod


Hello all,

Here’s a nice engine’s sound for the Volvo VNL 780 0.5 by AU44.
This sound mod is based on a real Volvo engine’s sound.
Also added a 18 gears box.
It’s only the sound mod, not the entire truck.
The truck is password protected, and i can’t make an all in one or
make others modifications on it.

The truck can be found on this site.




26 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 sound mod

  1. paul hodgson

    nice great job again

  2. Kriechbaum thank you for the good mods. There is something wrong with this truck mod. After a few kilometers I suddenly lose fps. I tried to play only with this mod, and nothing. COD Black Ops 2, Grysis 3 and F1 2013 worked normally on my pc. This is my configuration: GIgabyte 531-ES3G, Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.50 Ghz, 4 GB DD3, Nvidia 9600 GT 1 GB, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. Thanks mate.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with the mod it’s your own rig bro. Also sound isn’t going to affect fps…

  3. хотелось бы кокой нибудь тюнинг особенно козерьки на лобовое, а так грузожик и звук классные, спосибо

  4. Merci Kriechbaum, comme d’habitude très bon son

  5. Great work again and again! Thanks, I dont even have enough time to try them all LOL. Please, I could appreciate if you could addapt some cummins sounds for the Pete 386. Thanks in advice!

  6. Hey Kriechbaum!
    Youve done and awesome job again! Can you please “convert” this to work with the new Volvo FH?
    Thanks in advance!

  7. kriechbaum

    Thank you everyone.

    This Volvo runs like a deer. Really awesome.

    For those who have not a powerfull computer, this truck is very demanding. So, lags are possible sometimes. But not as much as the Peterbilt 389.

    Merci Fred pour Leon 😉

  8. What are you talking about! Do not tell me that! The mods are more demanding than Crisis 3, COD, FIFA 2014 etc. The problem is in mod. Too strong texture, bad rendering, physics etc. All this affects the normal requirements of the game. This is not a game for 2020. This is a completely normal simple game.If you can drive a formula 1 in F1 2013, why would not you be able to drive a truck. If you think that creating mods, you have to work in accordance with the requirements of the game. You can not go beyond what has been achieved.Because there are new releases and patches. You are not IT engineers. I did not either. But I know how it works.

  9. kriechbaum

    Skiner, as i said, this truck is really cpu/gpu demanding. Like many others american trucks. We all are aware about this. Also, your computer isn’t really stronger to run all maxed out this game with mods like this one.

    And, as i said, the truck isn’t from me. Only the sound that can not make your game laggy.

    Really sorry for this.


  10. kriechbaum your sound mods are excellent. Thank you. Talking about customizing game mods. How to adapt mods to the requirements of the game and recommended system. You just need to read the system requirements. And everyone will be happy.

    1. Deputydawg

      You say you can run crisis 3 on a geforce 9600 gt? That’s BS because the 9600 gt is a dx10 card and crisis 3 is dx11. I have the same card so I know a
      fact you can’t even run crisis 3. Want to try again?

  11. Volvos don’t sound like that sadly, they sound way different especially with the emissions laws and such, believe it or not they sound just like the Euro FH since they share the same engine, such as the D13. Well the base sound is the Volvo engine with some slight differences, but not like this.

    1. kriechbaum


      they share the sames engines, YES, but in europe we don’t have straight pipes trucks that much compared to the USA/Canada.

      The pollution emissions regulations, does not change the sound of the truck. Only differents types of mufflers can change the sound. That’s the case with this VNL.

      Try to compare a Volvo FH with standart muffler, and the same FH with a straight pipe, that will make a big sound difference. Believe me.


      1. I live in America, I see these on a regular basis. And the only Volvo models that sound somewhat similar is the older VNL770, the newer ones sound nothing like your sound mod. If you’d like me to send you some testimony videos, I’d be more than happy to.

        Greetings from California, USA.

        1. kriechbaum


          I understand what you mean. Just if you want the standart sound of Fh’s series on the VNL, keep the standart sound that comes with the truck.

          I just made a kind of an “open” muffler. Nothing more. All trucks with standart exhausts will never sound like the mods i am making.
          I am aware of this.
          Thanks for you greetings from California.

          See u 🙂

          1. Here’s a video I put together a while back, just some of the Volvo trucks we have here in the Los Angeles area, something for your next Volvo sound mod. 😉


  12. Excellent sound mod! This just makes a nice truck that much better.

    Good job, and thanks.

  13. great mod but still got problem view outside truck no wipers

  14. Gameplay for any interested!

  15. Very nice sound. I really like the Engine Brake sounds great. Nice work once again. Thanks so much!

  16. its good mod but i mis the
    beacon licht
    can you update pleas ??

  17. Enjoy the Sound of a Volvo VT880 with I-Shift

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