Volvo VNL 780 v 1.2


Self, you can buy in showrooms Volvo!
Game Version: 1.8.x – 1.13.3X

AU44, Andrywka, rus47tam, SCS.


15 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 v 1.2

  1. Good

  2. password

  3. What’s the new on 1.2 ???

  4. So what exactly new contains with this one?

  5. This is a nce truck but come on lads we want you to make some skins for it ect

    1. Faelandaea

      Not going to happen. The mod author stated himself he is against skinning this truck. That’s why he broke the boy into little bits on the UV mapping.

  6. mothertrucker

    Do not download, it’s an old one. It doesn’t even have these nice little addons from reworked versions.Just a plain 0.5 from AU44, the only addition i noticed so far is metallic paintjob (was it there in the first place, i don’t remember).

    And remember: new versions of anticipated mods come with a decent changelog. If you don’t see it, don’t bother yourself.

    1. 379islife

      thanks, this should be common sense guys. op needs to provide changelodr

  7. oh well no skins so may as well stick with the scania t

  8. Rocket455Man


    Does this have a golden paintjob included?

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

  9. My only problem is that the truck doesn’t work properly with the physics, I can tell this by looking from the outside of the and pressing the brakes. The driver and side mirror are the only things that move with the trucks physics plz fix

  10. password ???????

  11. Volvo VNL 780 v1.2 with American Trailer Gameplay Video

  12. The_Bilbo

    This is the most minimalistic truck mod i’ve EVER seen in this game, there is ZERO customization to this truck, it’s unbelievable

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