VTA map


That Map – Russian map with great objects and nature.
Tested on

Djon 96rus
Dmitry Yershov.


32 thoughts on “VTA map

  1. Grenlandis

    How about some pictures?

  2. NOT WORK?????!!!!!!!

  3. GhostRunner

    LOL ATS Map,Not for ETS2.
    Seriously Tested with EST2.###### Man!!!

    1. Special for You thats ETS2 version.
      That map was private long time ago, now it isn’t, because of some guys.

  4. yeah, is it april 1st today or what?

  5. the link dont work !!!!

  6. link works but guys, dont’ bother to download, that one isn’t an ets 2 map.

  7. Обновите ссылку!!!

  8. mankata78

    link error !!!!!!!!!! :@

  9. Confirmed…

    not working,

    total useless upload.

  10. Link work, but the map not. After create new profile and start new game it want a savegame… but wchich one?

  11. such a good boy, take a candy 🙂

  12. Mini šulínek

    Map is compatible with patch and works good. But map is not ready to driving.

    1. pierrot71

      works without the DLC better than tsm, but less so than in eastern valera.t

  13. PLATON 33Rus

    НЕ РАБОТАЕТ???????? ERROR????????

  14. But at least have tried it?? Search for “ALWAYS” a bailout that does not exist! E ‘was only a loss of time, ……..

  15. ClassicDutchTrucker

    It works. Just create a new profile, and select both .scs files while creating the profile.
    Make sure you’re running on

    1. NOT working.

  16. Oh yeah, that worked – remove dlc Root

  17. To play on this map you have to delete the dlc_east.scs located where you installed ets2, but first make a backup of the file! Then create a new profile and game will not crash! Really works tested on

  18. Yup, that seems to work,

    thanks murzabai.

  19. Martinchik

    How can I deactivate the DLC ?

    1. dlc_east.scs dlc_halloween.scs remove from the root of the game

      1. Martinchik

        Thanks mate .
        Works now 🙂

  20. Cool.Thank you.How to?: Rename dlc file in Program FilesETS2 (about 48MB).Start the game.Make a new Profile.Mark the couple of (two) Maps scs. + easy_level_up.scs + no_polis.scs + your_favorite_truck.scs. If you can rent 100.000 from Bank.Go to your desktop (alt+tab or ctrl+alt.del) – Run Cheat_engine – 500.million – back to game.If you have bought a garage,go west,buy your favorite truck. The Russian Map is a one long-long road with big cities, at the right side on European map.Tricky streets,stunningly beautiful towns.Moscow astonish. Get ready a little off road,otherwise you get lost. Good luck!

  21. One question, Does it work with TSM map latest version

    1. nope

  22. PLATON 33Rus

    NO dls Gooooooooo

  23. Finaily works!Very inresting map!lol works but no works DLC go in east scs!

  24. pozhalusto zdelaijte etu kartu na versiju 1.16.2.

  25. eu quero testar o mapa e depois faze o comentario

  26. bacan

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