VW Passat V1


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Passat V1

– Ao Baking
– Standalone (purchase in volvo dealer)
– New Hood Options
– New rims
– Adapted to 1.24

GRM Modding


25 Responses to VW Passat V1

  1. aditya says:

    Nice car but interior fix that please..!!??

    • GRMModding says:

      if youre talking about the blue or animations unfortunatelly its not an eay fox o troed all things i know to fix the blue amd animations wont co-operate with me dunno y

      • LibertyPrime says:

        Because you don’t want and you’re a crying bitch. You only post #### mods and cry when someone take it and make it actually work.

        Whats your plan ? Flood ETS2 with crappy mods ?

  2. DeinVater says:

    where is the sound

    • LibertyPrime says:

      None because it’s another unfinished buggy mod you shouldn’t use. Get the Skoda or the Jeep or the X6

      • GRMModding says:

        dont listen to this guy hes a hater and probably a friend of a scammer

  3. LibertyPrime says:

    Another #### modding of you, why don’t you just stop ?

    After your shitty MP4, Lancer Evo, Sprinter, Kadet, BMW M1, etc ….


    No one likes you anyway

    • GRMModding says:

      kadet and bmw m1 aint mine just #### off dude seriously youre polluting the world…. oxygen is being wasted on you

  4. Space Cam says:

    the rare view want to fix or remove it if there is no animation for it.

  5. jspence73 says:

    Couldn’t you make a sound Addon pack for this Car and the Lancer one like your Original Audi A4 and Q7 one to cause then it would make the mod sound way better 😀

  6. Joe the gamer says:

    Please report LibertyPrime at ETS2 Mods.lt! That guy really annoys me! He can’t stop swearing and commenting serious modders! He has no idea about how hard is to make a mod! If he thinks he’s the best modder here, i wanna see him making a new version of the VW Passat, with all the errors fixed and with cabin DLC adaption!

  7. Polaczek Cebulaczek says:

    I Love this mod!!!! Don’t stop modding!

  8. HUSSEYBOI24 says:

    good mod but just needs a few updates 🙂

  9. jspence73 says:

    Keep up your amazing work Your Car Modsare so good I strongly rate this a 90 out of 90 #BestCarModsOf2016 😀

  10. GRMModding says:

    I will make this clear for ALL….. I will NOT stop because of a few haters! I personally do it for people that appriciate what us modders do for them…… yes maybe i aint a great modder and have much to learn… you know how long i’ve been modding? just over a year… and i dont have as much time as other modders to learn as i have college, work and a life….. many good modders are modding since days of ETS or even 18 WOS i started on ETS2 so thats why my mods arent so great…. but i will improve and NEVER give up even if the HATERS for example Mr LibertyPrime who has no respect try to put me down…… DON’T you worry people who appriciate my work i will not stop modding because of a few HATERS!!!

  11. chop1543 says:

    boo sound so lame

    • GRMModding says:

      oh look a Hater…… opps i forgot to leave a #### to give for you

  12. Вячеслав says:

    плохой салон, нет звука двигателя, быстрая, легко затормаживается, дешевая , управление не очень.
    подробней ..

  13. runkkari says:

    Sorry, but awful mod 🙁

  14. GRMModding says:


    next update will have interior without blue parts

  15. Estoniaaaaaaaa says:

    Bad mod! Does not have sound and has weird shadows. I do not recommend downloading this

  16. Tipo t901 says:

    It’s not the best mod realy it still away from finishing but u have done ur best to improve it so tjank u so much and i wish that u use skoda sound because it’s a passat and it has got tdi engines so it’ll be perfect……good job man i wish u all the best and i’m waiting the next update to download

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