VW Titam Truck

VW-Titam-Truck-1 VW-Titam-Truck-2 VW-Titam-Truck-3

VW Titam Brasil Truck
Tested version

Author: Grupo TDE


10 Responses to VW Titam Truck

  1. MaxSenz says:


    you mean this really ???

  2. @dr_jaymz says:

    g damn, why always this brasilian dudes and they rear up trucks? a work truck is not a low rider or a 80s camaro neither! :s

  3. speeddude960 says:

    assuming it replaces a scania, given the color options?

  4. Artam says:

    Can you take a vedio of interior and sound?

  5. kleber says:

    buggy left mirror and this truck toppling the corners, but otherwise the truck is gorgeous. ps: put new songs in there current sound is bad right. vlw

  6. Wow says:


  7. me says:

    W T F !!!!!!!!!!!! just ridiculous

  8. JuanMa says:

    Stupid brazilean tuning… always fuc?!”# up good things.

  9. superwerke says:

    With these antennas, as I have said more than once, it is like a giant cockroach. Why the bastard have to put his name in the mod? Why do my fellow Brazilians are so stupid?

    I will film a Brazilian road for a few minutes and show to the world that there is not only stupid and tacky people here.

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