W900 KW Customs



Cummins ISX & Caterpillat C12 engines
Overdrive 18speed gearbox
New Versace paintjob
8×4 REAL Chassis

Joseph GodwinKE


14 thoughts on “W900 KW Customs

  1. Crash to desktop on v

  2. Crash on version

  3. Chrisknowseverything

    Guys,Like come on there’s A Read Me/Text Document file that you down loaded and it clearly says :
    KW 900 has been refurbished for v1.10.1: At the very bottom of the first Text Document.

  4. technically this is a whole truck with customised stuff.. sorry i got the title wrong but it’s kw900 truck tested in v1.10.1 it works….

  5. Dealer?

  6. Trying to use it on 1.10.7. I’m unable to configure the chassis to the 8×4 option. It does shows up but, when I click on that option, nothing happens. I looked in the def files in the chassis folder & the information that’s needed to support a 8×4 option hasn’t been added/typed in.

    Also, I don’t see any sound folder also. May have been left out by mistake?

  7. dman i left it out cos i custom made it i will upload it on the site separetely soon..thanks man

    the 8×4 chassis has no increased lod or say axles what have done is just increased the capabilties of availbale axles …

  8. AlexCrazy

    It’s old mod Kenwort W900aRC by Stas556 & dmitry68 for 1.4.12 patch
    nothing changed, only added one paintjob, chassis & gearbox, all other files in mod are same

  9. Probably you find a truck in DAF dealer but game crash when you go to dealer.Version 1.11

    1. same on v1.10.1.19s

      really tested?

      1. Yeah,don’t work i hope that will be fix…

      2. v1.10.1 only

        1. this truck came originally with wiper blinker etc sounds, how are you planning to put that altogether, i was working on putting cat and cummins sounds together for this but all the techincallity of the def sii, drove me crazy so good luck

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