Walk Camera for 1.25 aand 1.24


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This camera can go sleep, looking for right window, and can go from left door to check your trailer.
Support all default truck (but all not tested complete). Also support Ohaha Volvos, Scania R,T,RJL, MADster MAN
and how many trucks I don’t know.



13 thoughts on “Walk Camera for 1.25 aand 1.24

  1. LOL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Working fine thanks for the mod awesome!

  3. arnuX LTU

    thx for mod

  4. if now can show trailer legs uprising wich hand has awsome

    1. pirozhkoff

      Soo hard bro 🙂

  5. Francesco

    wow fantastic mod! 😀

  6. Спасибо мой друг!

  7. I don’t make this update. It’s fake. 😀

    1. there is someone who still has upload your mod and uses this name pirozhkoff.
      Also this mod (Schwarzmuller trailers in traffic v. 2.0) was loaded pirozhkoff.
      Must report to the Forum Administrator

    2. Francesco

      infatti non funziona lol -_-

    3. Francesco

      in fact it does not work lol -_-

  8. lol goooood xD

  9. gamecrash… 1.25 promodmap…###

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