Warehouse and Mountain Road at Toulouse

Warehouse-and-Mountain-Road-2 Warehouse-and-Mountain-Road-1

This is map by me, the customer don’t want to pay, so i don’t want to finish it, but i want to publy it0.
A gift by Wendigo !

The Wendigo Strikes again.

Author: Wendigo


8 thoughts on “Warehouse and Mountain Road at Toulouse

  1. usman hamsafar

    thanks sir.
    please more update Mountain Road maps.

    1. Le_Wendigo

      Read the description.

  2. usman hamsafar

    sir make a Mountain Road maps.

  3. Where is Toulouse

    1. Le_Wendigo

      Promod map

      1. ow ok i dont have but can you make one for me for the standard map? (for free) if you dont do it for free it’s okay no problem

        1. Add me on Facebook : Wendigo Modding (banana logo) and sent to me a message, I can do it.

        2. Le_Wendigo

          Add me on Facebook : Wendigo modding(banana picture), and sent to me a message. And we will talk about this.

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