Warehouse in Berlin

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Hi, thanks to have dl the mod. For play with the warehouse it’s easy, you should dl the folder on sharemods, exctract it and put the scs file inside your mod folder. Go at Berlin, you will find it. BE CAREFUL, THE LOW DECK TRUCKS GONNA TOUCH AT THE LOADING AREA. REUPLOAD THE MOD IS FORBIDDEN. #DkCH




17 thoughts on “Warehouse in Berlin

  1. mit der promods 2.31 kompitable ???

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32…

  3. SheerSquirrelTV
  4. Berlin in the Suisse or the big one in Germany ?? ; )

    1. Yes, totally absurd! But this person never calls into question!

    2. It’s my signature @Ger-Mike.

  5. läuft irgendwie gar nicht richtig bei 1.32

    1. Sie müssen alle zusätzlichen Inhalte von Karten haben

      1. ich habe alle dlcs aber ich nutze die promods 2.31 nur leider geht nix mir werden die strecken am navi sowohl keine entlade flächen bei firmen angezeigt

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.32…

  7. hello
    possible to make one in kristiansand?
    thank you

  8. Alexander

    …Berlin now is in Switzerland..?…wow….

    1. Yes, today’s children are not good at geography! Even with GoogleMaps! 😀

      1. Good joke ! It’s my signature, you see one flag in all my Warehouses. Like it you know that it’s me. #DkCH

  9. Stefan Overgaard

    I can not get this courage to work with promods
    because when I put it in, all roads to Berlin will be removed

  10. Mikołaj Idzik

    why i get crash

    1. Hi, have you all map dlc’s ? #DkCH

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