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Weather Mod v 1.0


– Dark night, going from 20-6 Clock (dawn was shortened)
– All types of clouds built (there were a few official Cloud Sky were not used)
– 50% chance to have fog in the morning (different density)
– Storm is gone. If it rains then, really only rain
– When “good weather” it can also be very cloudy
– Streetlights off the evening by 19 clock in and clock out at 7

Author: Lamandus


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7 Responses to Weather Mod v 1.0

  1. hodgson61paul says:

    can you please put another download site please can not download on the one you have thanks.

  2. Evox says:

    there is a bug texture, i think it’s the moon making square in the sky and clouds make boxes too but it’s nice mod out of this.

  3. gigi kent says:

    you call this improved weather ? Those pics looks ugly, I won’t even bother download it

  4. Ceram says:

    This is a great mod! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love the fog in the morning. And don’t listen to that rude guy gigi kent. He is just jealous.

  5. Dmny says:

    Great work! Night was really wrong by default (something like 10PM – 4AM).

  6. Dmny says:

    Unfortunately, there are some glitches on the sky, hope you can fix them. Other than that, it’s great.

  7. Ceram says:

    It’s a great mod, but I get fog EVERY morning. Can you please reduce it to maybe 10-15% instead. Thank you.

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