Weeda Interior v8k animated now for all Cabin


This is only adapted sii file for the scania rjl 1.5.2 with the v8k animated interior in weeda style from zeeuwse trucker. now the interior suits for all cabins. i also made a adaption in sii file for roofgrill (trux) from p8 so you can use fred be lightbox on the scania normal cab. both file are included. make shore you place the mod “Weeda_interior_v8k_all_cabin.scs” right above truckmod to work properly.
Have fun
Grz zeeuwse trucker

Authors: zeeuwse_trucker, RJL, V8K, P8 powerkasi, Fred be


2 Responses to Weeda Interior v8k animated now for all Cabin

  1. Ronon says:

    Does [powerkasi]Scania mods 1.1.2 contain modified files or can i still use [powerkasi]Scania mods 1.1.3,now all my scania’s look magnificent thx

    • zeeuwse trucker says:

      i only modify the lightbox and lightsign, you can also use scania lightbox from fred be, i modifyed them too. you don’t have to use them both. the p8 mod has the trux roofgrill where you can fit the lightbox in the middle, for the normal and highline cabin. that’s wy i put both mods in.

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