Weeda Roll the Dice RJL

Tested on 1.27.x
It may show you some errors in console, but nothing which can give crash. They are some mods which are not up to date.
The archive contains:
Skin, roofgrill (you must chose ”Mirage”), sunvisor, racks, backbumper, colored logo, hella burners. For the side skirts you must have powerkasi’s mod, which can be found on scssoftware’s forum.

Catalin, RJL, OostCustoms, DaStig, GT Mike, Chefprutser, abasstreppas, 50k, zeeuwse_trucker


10 thoughts on “Weeda Roll the Dice RJL

  1. File dont found on server- poor

      1. its error …cant download 🙁

  2. Leif Knudsen

    zeeuwse_trucker could you please make Scania RJL for 2.2 with Weeda ???
    Happy Easter to all modders

    1. Which Weeda?

  3. FieldhouseCustoms

    Nice skin! is was busy with one weeda pokerface to!!

  4. Leif Knudsen

    Catalin Look at youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSRkzMLWvpk It’s from zeeuwse_trucker

  5. possible use without rjl this mod(with zeeuwse r-mod)

  6. can someone please update this oost roofrack and the other mod so i can use this roofrack and things who is in the Picture from oost

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