Weeda Transport Trailer Fixed

Weeda Transport (1) Weeda Transport (3) Weeda Transport (2)

Trailer connection problems fixed
Replaces: Krone ProfiLiner Trailer
Version: 1.18.x (It can also work in older versions)

Authors: Paul-Razvan Frentoni, Michail (textures), K0Br4, Convert & Arrangements: furkan61


4 thoughts on “Weeda Transport Trailer Fixed

  1. 06_Jenia_99

    Hello, and you can throw the skin on your truck, too … And the same visor? thanks in advance:)

  2. Can i have 2 or 3….. of these Trailers in my modfolder?

    1. Faelandaea

      LOL It took me a moment to realize that was a joke. I was honestly starting to type the answer LOL

  3. please standalone version

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