Western Star 4900FA

western-star-4900fa-1 western-star-4900fa-2

– Standalone.
– Official Templates for Western Star 4900FA [from STEAM]
– You can find in DAF dealer.
– 3 cabin (without sleeping. Sleeping bag and long)
– 2 chassis – 6×4 and 8×4 (sloth)
– Its interior

Added updates: Kamazist_1980

Corey, Corby, Steve, Aaron, Rowan, Quentin, Classick, Robert, Willie, Soft lab-NSK, Krechibaum, Cedric, James60470, Baconz1343, Virat


3 thoughts on “Western Star 4900FA

  1. Harry Hirsch

    Uploaded from fly5656

  2. Mitchell Marx

    game crashes, even without other mods

  3. WesternStar94


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