Western Star 5700XE by soap98 [ETS2] v1.1.0

Western Star 5700XE by soap98 [ETS2] v1.1.0

Changelog 1.1.0
-Updated dashboard lighting
-Fixed brake and rear flares
-Adapted for 1.47

-Cabins – Day, Sleeper/54, 82
-6 Chassis
-8 Engines + sounds
-3 interiors each cab
-10, 13, 18 speed & DT12 transmissions
-Tuning Parts
-DLC Cabin support

If you found any bugs you can comment on my offcial blog https://soap98modding.blogspot.com



3 thoughts on “Western Star 5700XE by soap98 [ETS2] v1.1.0

  1. Roberto D.

    Hey tutomu kimura, is it a stolen mod? Or are you too afraid to say anything now?

    1. stolen from whom?

  2. Nevermind, he’s just trolling a “special” guy who’s been constantly spamming the comments to every single mod that it “is stolen” and somebody needs to “stop”.
    Yeah, even if the “stolen” mod was just a conversion from another SCS software game or posted by the mod creator himself, lol.

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