Wheel Pack BY 50KEDA V5.2

100 different combinations
– 4 steel front rim variants
– 2 alcoa front rim variant
– 2 heavy duty front rim variant
– 2 steel rear rim variants
– 2 alcoa rear rim variant
– 6 front cover variants
– 1 paintable safety ring as front & rear cover
– featuring 7 truck brands
– featuring 2 tyre brands
– 5 sizes of front tyres
– 3 sizes of rear tyres
– paintable rims
– paintable hubs
– paintable nuts

for ETS2 1.38 and ATS 1.38



3 thoughts on “Wheel Pack BY 50KEDA V5.2

  1. This is more fake than Donald’s hair…

  2. AvM Transport

    mods . to

    Its never by 50keda.

  3. danmiller04

    Stop to steal the original mod from 50keda.

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