Wheels by Freddy Jimmink


Standard wheels no text by Freddy Jimmink
Michelin XDA 5 upgrade wheels by Freddy Jimmink
in 1 mod,

Special thanks to Necrow for Chrome wheels, i intergrated this in my mod.
When You choose for upgrade wheels to drive with, standard wheels will be plain
(no texture on it)
If there is any resemblance with other mods/makers, that’s logical,
We’re making the same,

only 2 differences,

1 PMD’s/PMG’s etc. are open! And please, please DON”T LOCK!
2.Wheels are made by Freddy Jimmink

If You have any other wheel mods in modfolder, get them out before
using this wheel mod.

Author: Freddy Jimmink


11 Responses to Wheels by Freddy Jimmink

  1. Lucas95 says:

    Freddy J. are this wheels for v.1.3.x??

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I tested them in but test it for me please in 1.3.xx?


    Freddy Jimmink

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      Atleast me it work.. (i choose that 2nd pic wheels..) on 1.3.1


    • Stevanus Rendy says:

      it’s work on V1.3.1
      no problem at all,

      thank you for the mod sir Fred

  3. Baba says:


  4. jasper says:

    thnx for this michelin mod. know only us gamers have the best tyres. ai has the standard tyres. 😀 me like it

  5. NLgabberNL says:

    Say Freddy…

    I no it’s not easy but cant you make an all in one mod?

    i’m sick off all the single mods..
    I want just one mod that contains all options:D

    You know skirts, tyers, motor and rl gear boxe’s, curtains and other intirieur, rear bumpers and light options, cabine ajust whit longline and torpedo ops and most off all the posebility to place leds over the whole truck and i mean ON the truck and skirts not hanging beside the truck XD..

    But most importently a truck shop for ALL trucks..
    Well ok forget about iveco XD replace them for the other trucks like american.

    I think i have it all now 😛 😛 😛

    I no it’s not easy and i have respect for the people that make the mod PROPERLY:)

    It would be …

    The Freddy Jimmink’s Super Shop Mod 2013 ETS2!!

    So….. can you make that for all of us ETS truckies??

    Friendly greetings Martin. (NL)

  6. lolmofo says:

    al I get when I try to download is spam so no download for me

    • lolmofo says:

      got from another ets2 site np seems some one has linked this at least fro me to a mlawre site but it is good mod and works well ty jimmy just could not download from this website

  7. Jan Küchler says:

    DL funktioniert nicht mehr.:(

  8. Freddy Jimmnick says:


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