Wheels pack for Trailers v1.44

Only supersingle wheels in this release. 18 rims, 5 tyres, 12 hubcaps/rings, 14 hubs, 15+ lug-nuts/indicators/locks. Twin mounted versions vill come in a future update
Adapted for ETS2 1.44x



4 thoughts on “Wheels pack for Trailers v1.44

  1. The future update you should do to your brain, as it doesn’t work and it absolutely needs it.

    1. thibault bertrand

      maybe downloading original version on scs forum is a good idea … I got not problem with the original mod … the guys who upload it there probably stole it … as the name in “credits” isn’t even the good one …

      1. This is the second time I reload this mod. If he thinks he is becoming a millionaire he has it all wrong. I could get him banned from the forum but I really feel sorry for the boy.

  2. Bretagne

    Thanks, I would like 17.5 wheels for lowbed trailers please

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