Wielton MS3K Frigo (Pisarek Edit)

That is how much he trusts some people. Knowing life and so it goes from hand to hand, so I will give it something for everyone. Please, 2 hours of scaling, because nothing else in total. I spend because the company is a survivor in these times and it is not worth doing vs-for many people who can not even write the release. Soon more such semi-trailers and others.

Tested: 1.26, 1.27

Have Fun all ! 🙂 #PISAREK



6 thoughts on “Wielton MS3K Frigo (Pisarek Edit)

  1. The truck skin download link pls and licence plate

  2. Francesco


  3. Sergio afonso

    why this mods are imcompatible whith this mods :https://ets2.lt/en/krone-profi-pisarek-edit/

  4. PIETREQ9806

    Could I have another link for Wielton and Krone PISAREK?
    I can not download from these.

  5. Dlaczego mi wywala gre do pulpitu:/

  6. Troszke niedopracowana :/

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