Winter is Coming v 3.0

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– Best Winter Mod
– Re edit all materials,models,prefabs
– Snow Tires
– Realistic Cabin Atmosphere
– Real Air Conditioning Sound Effect
– Best Winter Effects
– Optional Slip Mod
– And More

Author: SmhKzl


20 thoughts on “Winter is Coming v 3.0

  1. Best Winter Mod? I don’t think so.The picture shows that this is not a really beautiful winter white environment.

    1. It’s for the best.. show me a better one.. 1.21.x … you dont look at photos..

      Sorry For my bad English……..

      1. RetroSpectre

        I personally prefer “Frost” winter mod but it does not mean either or is better, it is all about preference.

  2. the soon-to-be-released mods

    — Autumn Mod
    — HD Graphic Mod

  3. MasioZiom

    Working with Hungary map?

  4. semih mha pro mapda çalışırmı

    1. O harita yok bende denemedim. Ama çalışmaz büyük ihtimalle yollar da kar göremezsin

      1. CajunMan0001

        I keep crashing when I approach ferry on both Promods and TSM with Winter is Coming v3. In MHAMap Pro, it crashed as I was approaching Budapest.

        Here is the last part of the game.log:

        01:00:09.998 : Game init finished. (196 MB)

        01:03:15.417 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/gas_town_nico/gas_town_1.ppd’ version 19 to current version (21)
        01:03:15.420 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/gas_town_nico/gas_price_stand.ppd’ version 19 to current version (21)
        01:03:15.468 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/fastrans/fastrans.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)
        01:03:15.469 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/transport21/transport21.ppd’ version 19 to current version (21)
        01:03:15.485 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/ikea/ikea_warehouse1.ppd’ version 19 to current version (21)
        01:04:33.447 : [model] Unknown look name ‘utrecht’ on model ‘/model/sign/city_limits/neederland_exit.pmd’
        01:04:33.568 : [model] Unknown look name ‘utrecht’ on model ‘/model/sign/city_limits/neederland_exit.pmd’
        01:04:33.568 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/city_limits/neederland_exit.pmd’, probably a missing look?
        01:04:33.568 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/city_limits/neederland_exit.pmd’, probably a missing look?

  5. This mod seems to be slowly morphing into Frosty after each version, noticed you changed the grass in this version to look similar. Always use your own work and ideas or I’ll have this removed quicker than you can say “best winter mod”.

    1. You tell him grimes 😀

  6. Does this affect driving at all or is it just visual? I mean are the roads slippery or something like that.

  7. Mike Rules

    I wouldnt go throwing the words “best winter mod” around, because it is not. Dont get me wrong its a ok mod but still needs work.
    I like the “Real Air Conditioning Sound Effect” but it only seems to come alive when its snowing.
    The roads have to much snow for my liking, u would think a road with heavy traffic would have clearer asphalt. Also i noticed that the snow particle effect only shows when its snowing (with slip mod deactivated) or all the time (with slip mode activated). So i guess this mod is at its best when it snows…
    Daylight hours seem to be a bit to long for winter season.
    All in all its a good mode, hope u will keep working on it and provide us with future updates. Thank you !

  8. Hi your mods are wonderful, but i live in south america we have a trouble with sharemods, long files can`t down load, please can u put the file in sharemod and other file hoster like mega or mediafire? by the way your work is awesome thank u for your time keep going. (sorry for my english i´m rusty).

  9. vladic 302

    Hey,can you fix headlights for your winter fashion? and that Shine too bright and blind on the road,it would be greatly appreciated

  10. Chiller-Dirk

    Dont Works with Pro Mod and Poland Rebuilding… Invisible Walls at the streets……

  11. Hey my speed max is 30 km/h

  12. Tanner69046

    Can you add more snow in the grassy areas so that no grass is showing and it is just white? Also maybe in the emergency lanes there are piles of snow. Maybe in rest spots snow is piled up too. Just ideas, nice mod.

  13. 支持1.21吗?

  14. compatible 1.22 ?

  15. Kardesim 1.24 calisiormu? Multiplayerde da oluyormu?

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