Winter is Coming v 4.0 – SmhKzl

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* New Road and Terrain Textures
* Foggy Bad Weather
* Long Night
* Air Conditioning Sound Effect (Auto Open)
* Old Textures Re-Edit

— Settings —
Rain Probability: Full
Grass Density: Disabled

Tested Version: 1.25.x

Author: SmhKzl


27 thoughts on “Winter is Coming v 4.0 – SmhKzl

  1. Nice mod.

  2. Freezicgaming

    Looks real nice, one question though. Does this work with promods?

  3. 1.24 ???

    1. Yes, works for 1.24, textures and weather effect are good 🙂

  4. I love this mod, works so well with high graphics 🙂

  5. heavygamer70

    Very nice mod. Only failure is snow in tunnels…..

  6. heavygamer70

    and some frozen seas would be cool too.

  7. Timo_Gresch

    Did you ajust the speed of cars on the highway? if not, it would be cool and realistic. cars would drive at 90-100

  8. EstDriver


  9. Trucker_Bob

    could you please add snow drops please.

  10. Bruno Bonaspetti

    Good afternoon, how do I get the snow from one part of the map, example: eaa + original map, I want only the original map stay with snow


  12. Да нихера,не скоро…

  13. Alexander Lindström

    Winter is Coming v 4.0 – SmhKz This Mod/Files is Korupt When i Dowuloader Yhis File..Can You Fixit For My???

  14. Alexander Lindström

    Winter is Coming v 4.0 – SmhKz this Mod/Files are Korupt When a Downloader this Mod Can yoy Fixit

  15. Working with Promods? :O

    1. H.Trucker

      Yes, works with ProMods 2.11 but you must put this mod first in the list of active mods 🙂

      1. H.Trucker

        Sorry, the mod that should go first is the ProMods Map and then this mod

      2. H.Trucker

        If this mod is placed before ProMods Map then in the game there will be many invisible walls

  16. cringelord69

    sometimes the textures go off the road
    and please just add more slipping
    either way its a good mod

  17. hardcoreboy

    some of the textures are red so thats bad i dont know if its my fould or this mod but i dont use other whetter mods

  18. hardcoreboy


  19. is the mod with physics?

  20. 1.6.2?

  21. Can+i+play+it+on+1.28?

  22. Work+this+mod+on+1.28+++promods+2.20+++rusmap+???

  23. 1.30?

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