Winter Mod v 5.0

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This mod is a Wintermod and this changes the textures, physics of the trucks, etc. in the game on a Wintry landscape and properties. It is not all far as I want it and it’s changed all textures, but already a great start has been made. In the V5 some textures were modified, renewed and added, including new tree textures with less foliage. That it’s still raining as I know, but I have not found the required files. And that is in the tunnels snow is also known to the need to change one card can be created where all the streets of the tunnel to be replaced and that will not happen from me.

Authors: ETS, GTS, ATS, Icemann29


20 Responses to Winter Mod v 5.0

  1. ok says:

    lightning across the sky in snowstorm again?

    • Holm says:

      Does it works with promods Scandinavia map ?

    • Yeah says:

      Actually that can and does happen in real life weather. Snow does not preclude thunderstorms.

  2. C-Ford says:

    Does it Works with promods map?

  3. bckobra says:

    Excuse me, but when we do see the snowflakes falling from the sky while? If you were good with the rain simulation, try it at least once!

  4. gamer2456 says:

    I love your maps but why do hot are like Italy have snow because odd and it would be nice just on the map there was snow in area where it does snow and not the whole map.

    • Italian Trucker says:

      In the northern part of Italy (like the portion of Italy we have in ETS2) it actually snows a LOT, so the mod is correct.

  5. gust says:

    Icemann29 for god’s sake! Fix this goddamn lightning!

  6. Scooby says:

    Does this work with TSM 4.5.6?

  7. crafter says:

    Do it your self if you are better… nice mod thank you… here finland we need snow mod 😀

  8. matrix says:

    I’m a little tired of the trucks must jump so much so that I go in and reshaping .. it is the 3 time I have to turn it on maps ..

  9. lepoor says:

    Très bon mod, bravo ! la lumière des feux de croisement est je pense trop ‘aveuglante’ sur une route totalement blanche, si ta remorque est lourde, il te faut 700cv sinon tu es scotché par moment, j’ai un bug sur paris, peut-être à cause d’un autre mod ? sinon vraiment très bien, petit faible aussi pour le mod renault magnum legend 2.03 vraiment bien fait. Merci les gars, peut-être les filles aussi et dernier merci pour ceux qui ne nous balancent pas des mots de passe afin que l’on puisse bidouiller un peu…

  10. Human says:

    Does anyone can tell me does it work with the latest game version

  11. Grandpa says:

    Where is the music from ??

  12. CrazyBull says:

    Can anyone send me a link to download American Truck Simulator, i rly want to play that game…:D

    • Teddy says:

      dont mean to be nasty mate but just read up on the game its not even out yet an wont be till 2015

    • Italian Trucker says:

      We all want to play it. Buy it on STEAM when it comes out, don’t be a cheap cunt! Support the devs !!!

  13. Carl says:

    Does it works with 1.13?

  14. mazdarati2 says:

    Version 8 is already out!

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