Winter Mod V1.1

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– Snow chains (Schneeketten)
– Textures were overwritten (Texturen wurden überschrieben)

By good weather: -30 °C
By bad weather : -15 °C

Drive slow it`s slippery !!

black dragon


36 thoughts on “Winter Mod V1.1

  1. herpsi123

    compatible with promods?

    1. theamagchannel

      Pro mods 2.20 ile ve yks 1.28 ile sorunsuz çalışıyor . Aşırı iyi olmuş . Çok gerçekçi hemen indirin . Tavsiye ediyorum .

  2. black dragon

    herpi yes but many textures are not owerritten

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. BlackStorm

      WOW 🙂 Vielen Dank für das Video Mr. German

      1. Mr.GermanTruck

        Kein Problem 😉

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  5. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.28…

  6. game crashes when you enter a company, that is ####

  7. BlackStorm

    Hello and thanks for the mod but I am confused with this temperature:
    By good weather: -30 °C
    By bad weather : -15 °C

    I think the temperature is wrong because -15ºC is hotter than -30ºC. I think that right temperature should be:
    By good weather: -15 °C
    By bad weather : -30 °C

    1. whites are so bright please help no bloom is running :((

    2. Man kann die Temperaturen in den def ändern, bad und nice 😉

  8. Wash waaah I’m a big fat baby because of too many test videos because mommy keeps giving my a potato computer waaaaaah!

  9. HD test video 1.28…

  10. Klains whats wrong with you !you are little kid?? go and play hellokitty !

    1. That was savage, and I like it. Klains is suffering from abandonment issues, hence why he whines at people who do teat videos.

  11. REVIEW:

  12. @-black dragon
    Thank you for the Update.
    Everything goes really good, I´ve making 2 Test-drives and every Thing is OK. No Problems.

  13. Is it compatible with TSM Map and other wheel/tyre mods??

  14. black dragon

    Philippe its compatible with other maps but many texture are not owerritten and it is probably compatible with other tires but no snow chains

    1. icebeer75 habe auf der Promods in Iceland den fehler festgestellt leider siehe Foto link

  15. daisser001

    Vielen Dank erst mal das du die Schneeketten dazu gemacht hast und die ketten funktionieren einwandfrei zu deinen Winter Mod wir haben es ausgiebig getestet .

    Mach weiter so und danke

    MFg Daisser001

  16. how i do so it`s not slippery

  17. christmas style? There is?

  18. Hi, this mod does not work with 1.30 beta, any chance of a fix or will you wait for 1.30 full

  19. mit diesen mod ist fast kein vorankommen, in Skandinavien kann man seine fracht ne abliefern weil man in den steinbruch ne weiter kommt. -.-

  20. Es stürtz immrt ab Hilfe!!!

  21. No work 1.30

  22. black dragon

    It is not work on version 1.30 im sorry guys this winter mod is broken

  23. UPDATE for 1.30?

  24. Truckercharly

    Why you deleting older versions of your mods? I play with 1.28 yet and get no working winter mod for this. Every time 1.30 or “file deleted”. That is not fine and it is useless.

  25. Ce mod et vraiment nickel, aucun problème dans mon jeu je joue avec la map ProMods v 1.30 cela passe très bien, même avec quelque mods.

    c bien le seul des mods hiver qui fonctionne, car le moddeur Satan 19990 c fichier sont complètement corrompu sont mod hiver est une catastrophe. même l’extrême est une daube PTDRRR

    sinon pour le mod là, est il possible de l’amélioré, par exemple avoir des camion neige, quand telle tombe quelle accroche sur la route, que le traffic soit parfois embourber etc…

  26. The Download link doesn’t work, Pleas fix this! this mod looks awesome!

  27. link+download+is+not+workin

  28. I cant dowload the mod,there coming virus website pls help

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