Winter & Snow Mod 2016 v 1.2


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Winter & Snow mod for ETS2

This mod simulates winter.

Key Features
Winter weather and lighting
Snow/Sleet instead of rain
Winter daylight hours
Early morning fog

No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.



6 thoughts on “Winter & Snow Mod 2016 v 1.2

  1. gratouille37

    BIG BUG: thunder and high temperatures (22 degrees) in winter it’s a lot ….

  2. Is that what its market on the Promod 2.11 ?

  3. I have problem in near of Lodz and inside city has on road in invisible wall

  4. copy & paste. this is winter is coming v4 from september.

  5. This mod would have been pretty nice but the sky texture is missing for me. Dont know why.

    1. I do not have the textures either. 🙁

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