WLS Spedition by ECdesign

⚠ ECdesign created the “WLS Spedition”-Combo and we make a mistake! On the Mercedes-Benz NewActros side-spoilers we forgot the text! The text exist on the preview-picture but not ingame -.-” (picture A)
✔ we say SORRY people!!
✔ here we present you the reworked skin of NewActros and as reparation we make the Volvo FH 2012 for you! ?
✔ Tested on 1.27
✔ skin by ECdesign

TRUCK: SCS-Software // SKIN: ECdesign


9 thoughts on “WLS Spedition by ECdesign

  1. RobTrucks

    Hey guys, it is awesome, very detailed skin, but i found 2 small things that are not right. At the trailer doors is the Name “99334 Ichterhausen”, which should name “99334 IchterShausen” and the trailer we use is not Wielton, its “Stern” and/or Schmitz 🙂

    Anyways awesome skin mod 🙂

    1. thank you! We gonna to change it 🙂

  2. GameplayHD2015

    Could you guys share with me your SweetFX please?
    i can get mine to work with 1.27!

    1. GameplayHD2015

      which country are you from?

      1. ECD_Jaguar

        We are from Balkan 😀

      2. Bosnia and Herzegowina 🙂

  3. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing combo:


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