Wolf’s Pack Vol 2

Wolf's-1 Wolf's-2

In this skin pack is 26 skins maded for Scania RJL.
Poison Ivy
Red Renegade
Lone Wolf
Dark Star
Konny Transports
Spirith of north
Royal Transports
Duke Transports
Europe Transport Group new generation
Midnight Express
Heavy Hauler
Tonerud transports
and many others
special thanks to all my friends who were my support in making skins

Author: Alexandar Lone Wolf


7 Responses to Wolf’s Pack Vol 2

  1. louis says:

    Can you tell me what mod do you use for this sideskirt?

  2. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    powerkasi v0.2

  3. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    RJL is the truck Sideskirts are Powerkasi

  4. rjf says:

    awesome hope you do a vol 3

  5. frebter says:

    The standart sunvisors by RJL aren’t showing the whole texture. Which sunvisors are you using?

  6. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    Da Stig ‘s Stena Stal mod

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