Wolf’s Skin Pack Vol 3


This is skin pack made of 27 skins, which I made for Scania rjl.

In it are:
Vamitra skin
Bijman Skin
Red Ilussion
Black Bastards
Old School Trucker
Wolf Express
Hellena Logistics skin
Black King
And many other my skins.

Special thanks I would like to express RJL for this great truck mod
Respect authors work please do not reupload

Author: Alexandar Lone Wolf


11 thoughts on “Wolf’s Skin Pack Vol 3

  1. Leif Knudsen

    If I have some of your skins, will this overwrite them ?

    And thanks.

  2. alexandar_lone_wolf

    no will not but if you have some that are in skin pack than you have two same

    1. Leif Knudsen

      Only one skin at a time. Not packs

  3. alexandar_lone_wolf

    in this pack are skin that i’v made in last 6 months so if you have some maded in that time you can use freely skin pack.
    But in any case, this skin pack will not cause any problem with other skins that you use

  4. thanks for the pack,if possible can you plz make skin for Dijkstra plastics & Patrick v.d hoeven for Scania RJL if you can manage it would be great thanks.

  5. no password, unlock 1, price 10, very good work man,thanks.

  6. BlackWolf

    Hello Lone Wolf, Nice skins!! Thanks
    ETS Mods: Wolf’s Skin Pack Vol 3 ( Euro Truck Simulator)
    Video: https://youtu.be/ktdpf6a-g6U

  7. BlackWolf

    Hello Lone Wolf, Nice Skins!! Thanks
    Ets Mods: Wolf’s Skin Pack Vol 3 ( Euro Truck Simulator)
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktdpf6a-g6U

  8. BlackWolf

    Admin wo is my text?

  9. alexandar_lone_wolf

    This one go’s to my fav list

  10. Rechberger

    Very good work!!!

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