Wolter Koops Combo Pack

Wolter-Koops-1 Wolter-Koops-2 Wolter-Koops-3

Tested on 1.21, trailer standalone. My best skin so far.
Please respect my work and do not reupload to other host file.

Author: KiLLer Modding


4 thoughts on “Wolter Koops Combo Pack

  1. AlwaysOnTime

    I was waiting so long for this skin. Now I only have one question: does it works with the RJL Scania?

    1. KiLLer Modding

      I don’t know, try it. Because I used template of scania streamline by SCS.

    1. KiLLer Modding

      So? Here it’s a SCANIA not a MERCEDES ACTROS. Is hard to see that? Trailer is not even look like that.. Stop hateing!

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