World Radio Stations v 5.0

Radio stations, bug fixes, all working.
Added new stations, Czech, Serbian and disco genre, light rock, bollywood, rap … with a total of 312 stations.
If someone wants a special station, tell me something and try to upload, thanks.
Do not re-upload, respect the work



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12 thoughts on “World Radio Stations v 5.0

  1. Melafdifi


  2. Copy??

  3. Hello! There are several errors in your file! Check some of your lines where the links do not go to a http page! 😉

  4. Hi, thanks for notifying. I have checked the files, certain that some are not http, but I have also checked it in the game and they all work correctly.

    1. No problem! I just view error lines in text, no in game! I have my properly Mondial Radio mod for my group! 🙂

  5. darex2521

    Witam, czy w tym zestawie jest MUZYCZNE RADIO , JEŚLI NIE MA TO PROSIŁBYM DODAĆ ?

    1. Cześć, nie rozumiem pytania. Jest to ogólnoświatowa stacja radiowa z różnymi rodzajami stacji: muzyczne, informacyjne, lokalne …

  6. phoenix kazumori

    hi sir, could please upload malaysia radio? GEGAR PERMATA PANTAI TIMUR
    here’s the link to the radio station
    thanks man.

    1. Hello, Ok, in the next update I will upload the Malaysia station

      1. phoenix kazumori

        thanks man, will be waiting for the new update from you hihi

        1. phoenix kazumori, I have not managed to find the stream broadcast url of GEGAR, I’m sorry. If you want some other Malaysian radios, I’ll look at it.

          1. phoenix kazumori

            oowh.. well thanks man

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