World Radio Stations v 5.0

Radio stations, bug fixes, all working.
Added new stations, Czech, Serbian and disco genre, light rock, bollywood, rap … with a total of 312 stations.
If someone wants a special station, tell me something and try to upload, thanks.
Do not re-upload, respect the work



12 Responses to World Radio Stations v 5.0

  1. Melafdifi says:


  2. maryjm30 says:


  3. BigJhon says:

    Hello! There are several errors in your file! Check some of your lines where the links do not go to a http page! 😉

  4. maryjm30 says:

    Hi, thanks for notifying. I have checked the files, certain that some are not http, but I have also checked it in the game and they all work correctly.

    • BigJhon says:

      No problem! I just view error lines in text, no in game! I have my properly Mondial Radio mod for my group! 🙂

  5. darex2521 says:

    Witam, czy w tym zestawie jest MUZYCZNE RADIO , JEŚLI NIE MA TO PROSIŁBYM DODAĆ ?

    • maryjm30 says:

      Cześć, nie rozumiem pytania. Jest to ogólnoświatowa stacja radiowa z różnymi rodzajami stacji: muzyczne, informacyjne, lokalne …

  6. phoenix kazumori says:

    hi sir, could please upload malaysia radio? GEGAR PERMATA PANTAI TIMUR
    here’s the link to the radio station
    thanks man.

    • maryjm30 says:

      Hello, Ok, in the next update I will upload the Malaysia station

      • phoenix kazumori says:

        thanks man, will be waiting for the new update from you hihi

        • maryjm30 says:

          phoenix kazumori, I have not managed to find the stream broadcast url of GEGAR, I’m sorry. If you want some other Malaysian radios, I’ll look at it.

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