World Radio Stations v 7.0

Radio stations, bug fixes, all working
Added 22 new radio stations, with a total of 352.
If someone wants a special station, tell me something and try to upload, thanks.
Do not re-upload, respect the work



10 Responses to World Radio Stations v 7.0

  1. Yowyo Garage says:

    We are waiting for new stations

  2. Lord77 says:

    Egypt 98.2 FM & 105.8 FM Please

  3. IBims1Mark says:

    Forras radio 97.8 & Focus radio 100.4

  4. nick says:

    can you do kerrang radio please or smooth radio please?

  5. maryjm30 says:

    Lord77, IBims1Mark and Nick, I will try to put the radio stations that you have requested, in the next update.
    Yowyo Garage, I have uploaded 22 new radio stations along with the previous ones, I do not know if you want any in particular to be able to look for it and add it


    • Yowyo Garage says:

      Question : Did you copy some links from the radio music5tations 0.2 ?

      • maryjm30 says:

        I have not copied anything from any other radio mod of other people, this is a file of world radios that I created, that I am constantly updating, with stations that I look for on my own

        • maryjm30 says:

          Postscript: I did not even know that the music5tations 0.2 file existed, since I use only mine

  6. zwirus32 says:

    witam moze jakiees polskei stacje

    • maryjm30 says:

      Witam, przy następnej aktualizacji postaram się dodać polskie stacje

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