World Radio Stations V13

World radio stations, updated.
With a total of 732 stations, added stations from Finland, Indian, Malaysia, Lithuanian…. at the request of some users.
I hope you like them.
Do not re-upload, respect the work, thanks



17 thoughts on “World Radio Stations V13

  1. ScaniaDriverV8StreamLine

    Thank you for adding Lithuanian radio stations:))

    1. You’re welcome

  2. you forgot to add here’s the link
    for ERA fm is
    location station is Malaysia

    1. I have not been able to add these stations, they can only be listened to on the web, the online url is blocked, it does not let me pass it to the file, if at any moment I find a way to add them, I will add them. Sorry

  3. how to download it?

    1. Press the download button, take you to the Sharemods page and click on confirm download, wait, another screen appears where you press, download for free and you will be downloaded.
      Once downloaded you go to the folder where it was downloaded and cut and paste in the folder: Documents, Euro Truck Simulator 2, you give to replace file and it is already

  4. Can you add portuguese radios like RFM pls

    1. It includes radio stations from Portugal, but I can add more in the next update

  5. Can you add peruvian radios station??

    1. Ok, I will add Peruvian stations

  6. Hunden3000

    Add StarFM From Sweden, Plz.

    1. Ok, I will add StarFM in the next update

  7. can you add Namibian radio stations or at least add radio wave nam

    1. Ok, I will try to add stations of Namibian

  8. -REGGAE and MOTOWN plz ty

    1. OK, I Will add Reggae and Motown

      1. -Thanks in advance

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